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Don't Let Too Much Time Go by Between Eye Exams

Don't Let Too Much Time Go by Between Eye Exams

It’s clear that regular eye exams are necessary for good eye health and vision, but did you know that they really do need to occur on a schedule that changes as you get older? As time goes by, you'll need to get more frequent eye exams in order to keep track of your vision and eye health as it starts to change noticeably in your later years. These exams help spot problems when they are still minor, giving you a better chance of fixing, or at least minimizing, their impact before problems get worse. An optometrist at River Place Vision Center in North Austin can keep tabs on how your eyes are doing.

Early Detection Means Early Treatment and Recovery

As you age, your eyesight changes, and you may start to develop signs of certain age-related eye diseases. While people of any age can develop conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, the risk increases with age. This is why a regular eye exam schedule, a visit at least once a year, is crucial to maintaining your eye health.

It's simple: The sooner you see signs of problems, the sooner you can treat them. It is possible that your eyes will remain very healthy throughout your life, but because so many eye conditions don't create symptoms until they're in one of their more advanced stages, it's important to monitor your sight. If you can spot the beginnings of a problem, you've got a much greater chance of stopping it before it advances.

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