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What Is a Toric Contact Lens?

What Is a Toric Contact Lens?

If you have astigmatism, you've probably been told you need toric contact lenses. But what are toric lenses and what makes them different from regular contacts? To help you understand your vision options, the experts at River Place Vision Center in Austin, TX, have created an easy-to-read guide to toric contact lenses.

How Do Toric Contact Lenses Work?

Toric contact lenses are significantly more complex than traditional contact lenses. The secret of toric contact lenses is in the shape. While other contact lenses are spherical, toric contacts retain the shape of a torus, essentially a doughnut. A shallow slice off the edge of the torus generates a contact lens with varying focal lengths.

This shape is necessary to correct astigmatism due to the prescription varying from one point to the other due to a misshapen cornea or lens. Also, toric contact lenses can retain the right orientation on your eye, which is vital considering the difference in refractive abilities across the lens.

Choosing Toric Contact Lenses

With toric contact lenses, the fitting process is especially important. Because these types of contact lenses do have a specific orientation, they must stay on your eye in the correct position. Today's manufacturers of toric contact lenses utilize several features to help them stay in place. Some of the most common features include:

  • Ballasting to make the lenses heavier or thicker at points
  • Thin-thick zones
  • Less truncation where the bottom of the lens is cut off a little

Toric Contact Lens Options

Toric contact lenses come in an array of styles. You can have toric disposable contact lenses, daily toric contact lenses, and you can even have colored toric lenses. Toric contact lenses can also be made in both rigid gas permeable (RGP) hard and soft variations. While soft toric contact lenses are more comfortable, RGP lenses are often better at remaining in place. The experts at River Place Vision Center will explain all of your options and guide you to the best solution.

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