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How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

Did you know that only about 35 percent of all adults naturally have 20/20 vision? 20/20 vision is the gold standard for vision, but most people will need glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery in order to achieve it. So, if you have been struggling with clearly seeing road signs, reading your favorite book, or you are having other vision problems like excessive blurriness in the mornings, then you're not alone.

Tens of millions of Americans are just like you and the first step you can take towards achieving the better vision is by undergoing an eye exam. Continue reading to learn more about eye exams and what to expect.

What You Need To Know About Eye Exams

Eye exams are a quick and painless procedure that an optometrist will conduct in order to determine the health and visual acuity of your eyes. The following is a quick look at some things to keep in mind as you get ready to head down to our Austin, TX optometry office for the first time:

  • Plan for an hour. While the actual exam will likely take about 20 minutes, the entirety of your visit from filling out new patient paperwork to choosing something like your new glass frames will take about an hour.
  • Be prepared for health questions. Like any other doctor visit, your optometrist will ask you questions both about your personal health history as well as your family's health history.
  • Practice with an online eye chart. If you are worried about taking the visual acuity test or the eye chart, look online for a sample one to familiarize yourself with the layout and common questions you will be asked.
  • Ask about eye dilation before going. Eye dilation is used so that the eye doctor can examine your eye's retina. Not all eye exams will include eye dilation, so you might want to call and ask. If you are expected to undergo an eye dilation, then make sure to plan for either someone picking you up after the eye exam or taking public transportation. This is because eye dilation can impair your vision for several hours and make it unsafe to drive.

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If you have any questions about your upcoming eye exam, our team at River Place Vision Center is here to answer them. If you want to improve your vision and improve your quality of life, do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are currently accepting new patients and we would love to help you and your loved ones. You do not have to struggle with poor vision any longer!

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