Blue Light blocker glasses

Millions of people know about the power of blue light blocking glasses for preventing eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, and fatigue after long hours at their computers or on their phones. At River Place Vision Center, our optometrist in Austin offers blue light blocking glasses along with a wide range of optometry services for the local community.


Blue Light Causes Tired Eyes

The first color on the horizon, even before the sun rises every morning, is blue light. Our brains are programmed to respond to blue light as a natural alarm clock. When our eyes are open, blue light passes through the lens of the eye more easily than any other color. The effect of blue light is a lot like staring at a bright light. You cannot relax and you do not blink as much, so your eyes are not as well lubricated with the tears they produce. Screens of all kinds generate plenty of blue light and can even affect your sleep patterns.

Dealing With the Problem of Blue Light

You could relieve any problems caused by exposure to blue light by not using an electronic device ever again. For most of us, that is not an acceptable option. You could invest in blue-light blocking screens, but you need them for all of your devices, not just a few. Some computers and other devices have a “night light” option which decreases the amount of blue light on the screen. This feature can work but you have to make sure to turn it on, especially before bedtime. For many, blue light blocking glasses are the best choice to deal with the effects of blue light.

Getting Your Blue Light Blocking Lenses

We provide a wide variety of eye care and eyewear products to keep your eyes safe. Blue light blocking glasses can be purchased in your prescription or you can choose from non-prescription blue light blocking glasses. While you are here, why not get an eye exam to keep your prescription up to date and check for any developing eye conditions? We will help you every step of the way to keep your eyes healthy.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses & More in Austin, TX

Our therapeutic optometrist, Dr. Dennis Smith, is available to help you with finding blue light blocking glasses and other eye care services. Call River Place Vision Center today at (512) 862-7012 to schedule an appointment.

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