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Dry Eye Treatment for Steiner Ranch and North Austin

Does opening your eyes first thing in the morning feel like a painful chore? Do you suffer from a nagging "something in your eye" feeling? Chances are that you're dealing with a common affliction known as dry eye. This problem not only makes everyday life miserable, but it can also affect your vision and even cause damage to your eyes over time. That's why you need to get that irritating condition checked out at River Place Vision Center, your home for dry eye treatment in Steiner Ranch and North Austin.


Don't Let Dry Eye Affect Your Comfort and Health

Dry eye is exactly what it sounds like, a problem involving insufficient hydration, lubrication, and protection of the delicate tissues of the eyes. In many cases, it's caused by insufficient tear production. Age, medications, auto-immune illnesses, and a slow blink rate (commonly caused by long hours of computer use) can all contribute to this insufficiency.

Dry eye can also be caused by an imbalance in the tear film. Your tear film should contain a mucous layer, a water layer, and a topmost oil layer. The oil layer prevents the water from drying up too quickly. If the oil-producing glands in your eyelids can't do their job properly, your tears will evaporate faster than you can make new ones. (Many people actually suffer from watery eyes as a result of this condition.) Windy environments only accelerate the drying-out process.

Dry eye typically leaves you with blurred vision as well as tired, red, itchy, irritated eyes. But the problem of dry eye goes beyond mere discomfort. If your eyes are chronically dry, your corneas are at risk for infection, injury, or ulceration that cause lead to scarring.

Our Optometrist Can Provide Soothing Solutions

You'll find River Place Vision Center a welcome sight for sore eyes. Our optometrist, Dr. Smith, can examine your eyes to check for damage and rule out other possible causes of your symptoms (such as conjunctivitis). We can determine whether you're not making enough tears or simply not producing enough oil for the tears. Once we've isolated the cause of your dry eye, we can devise a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Lubricating or hydrating eye drops
  • Eyelid treatments to restore oil gland function
  • Changes in your environment or computer usage habits
  • Treatment for an underlying health problem
  • Changes in your medications

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