Eye Tracking Problems

If you lose your place often while reading or accidentally skip lines of text, you may have a tracking problem. Poor hand-eye coordination is also a symptom. Other symptoms include squinting, clumsiness, moving or tilting one's head, frequent rereading, and difficulty writing. If you feel you have visual tracking problems, consider vision therapy. Improving your vision tracking will enable you to perform tasks more quickly and with less frustration. You can receive sight therapy from our experienced team at River Place Vision Center. We will design a vision therapy plan that is right for you.


Vision Tracking

Although vision therapy is most useful for small children, adults also benefit from the process. These issues are often more connected with the way the brain and eyes work together. Effective tracking skills enable one to engage in school, reading, and sports successfully. Reading difficulties caused by poor vision tracking skills may result in reading comprehension problems. If you or a family member experiences any of these symptoms, plan a visit to our office as soon as possible. 

Vision Therapy

Physical therapy for the eyes is called vision therapy. It is a non-surgical solution to several vision issues including tracking problems. Sight therapy helps to improve these three vision skills: 

  • Fixation - gazing at one particular object for a period of time. This skill is necessary for visual attention
  • Pursuit - using coordinated eye movements to watch an object move through space
  • Saccade - rapidly moving eyes with precision from one object to the next

Vision therapy is not merely strengthening muscles. These therapy exercises help the patient interpret the images they see. In some cases, we can teach you ways to compensate for your lack of stereoscopic vision. Vision therapy strengthens the neurological pathways between your eyes and your brain. By participating in sight therapy, you will gain muscle strength and cognitive processing for successful vision tracking. The sessions usually last 30 minutes once or twice a week. The total number of therapy sessions varies with each patient.

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If you are suffering from tracking problems, schedule an appointment with our team. We want to help you reduce your vision tracking problems. Call us at River Place Vision Center in Austin to schedule a sight therapy appointment with our experienced team today. Find out how we can help you improve your vision tracking and give you the best quality of eyesight for you.  Call (512) 343-2020 today!


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