Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, commonly referred to as a lazy eye, is an eye condition that causes vision to be reduced in one eye because of abnormal childhood development. An individual with a lazy eye has one eye that is weaker than the other. This eye will wander outward or inward, independent of the other eye. If you suspect your child has a lazy eye, River Place Vision Center is ready to assist you. We have years of experience providing residents of Austin, TX, with amblyopia treatment.


Symptoms of Lazy Eye

Sometimes, it is easy to tell that a child has a lazy eye. If your child has a winding eye, or your child’s eyes do not move in sync, he or she is likely suffering from amblyopia. The condition can also cause the individual to have poor depth perception. He or she may tilt their head when looking at something or may squint or close the lazy eye. Vision testing is another reliable method of identifying amblyopia. Amblyopia can develop in children as early as in the first few weeks of their lives. If you notice lazy eye symptoms, or if amblyopia runs in the family, our eye doctor will examine your child’s eyes to determine whether or not they have a lazy eye and provide treatment accordingly.

Causes of Lazy Eye

A lazy eye develops in children when certain nerve pathways that run between the brain and the retina are damaged. Fewer optical signals reach the lazy eye, and the eye becomes difficult to control. When this happens, the brain will ignore the weaker eye's input. This is what harms the child's depth perception. Amblyopia is sometimes caused by an imbalance in the muscles around the eyes. The condition can also develop due to cataracts or farsightedness.

Lazy Eye Risk Factors

Anyone can develop a lazy eye, but it is more commonly found in those who have one of the following risk factors. These risk factors include being born premature, being a small size when born, having a history, certain developmental disabilities, and a family history of amblyopia. If your child has any of these risk factors, consult with our eye doctor and have your child tested for amblyopia.

Lazy Eye Treatment in Austin, TX

It is important to begin lazy eye treatment as early as possible so the condition does not worsen. If you need lazy eye treatment in Austin, TX, contact River Place Vision Center today. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us at (512) 343-2020.

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