Scleral Contact Lenses

Understanding Scleral Lenses

Not everyone appreciates the ability to wear contact lenses. While the highly portable and more appealing form of vision enhancement has been available for years, many vision patients suffering from specific conditions have had to settle for wearing eyeglasses instead. These situations regularly included patients with cornea conditions or factors where the eye surface would have created more irritation and problems than helped with contact lenses.


Fortunately, a lot of advancement has been made in the field, particularly with scleral contact lenses. If you live in the Austin, TX area and you’re considering contact lenses, call River Place Vision Center and discuss if scleral lenses are right for you.

How are Scleral Lenses Different?

Unlike standard contact lenses, scleral lenses provide both a gas-permeable surface as well as a larger diameter in design. Both allow a far more comfortable fit and placement on the eye versus just sitting on the cornea of the eye as typical contact lenses do. Patients can realize the benefit of a clear, smooth surface to see through and they avoid the irritations that would otherwise occur on an irregular-shaped cornea fitting. Scleral lenses also provide benefits for those who additionally suffer from dry-eye conditions, acting as a catch for fluid that helps bathe the eye and keep it moist.

Size Matters for Eyes

Scleral contact lenses come in several different sizes because there is a lot of patient variation even in this smaller eye patient market. Scleral lenses range in size from 14.5 mm at the low end to as large as 24 mm for unique cases. On average, most orders involve sizes below the 18 mm size or a bit smaller, dubbed “mini-sclerals.” However, even these sizes are all larger than the normal adult cornea, which in diameter tends to be under 12 mm. For comparison, the average generic contact lens is even smaller, usually between 9 and 10 mm and again, it sits directly on the cornea surface.

Local Help is Always Available

Every scleral contact lens prescription is first determined with a full review and examination by an optometrist. The doctor will confirm the current condition of the patient’s eyes, as well as the viability of scleral lenses in the given patient’s case.

If you're looking for a scleral lens optometrist in Austin, TX then contact River Place Vision Center. Our team is fully trained and up-to-date on scleral lens applications and patient care. Call (512) 343-2020 today to schedule an appointment.

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